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September 04, 2015

In The Mood For

{still wearing peach and orange lipsticks on a regular basis}

September indicates the beginning of many favourite things [the beginning of Fall, winter collection on shops, darker make up, the changing of colours in nature, apple pies, steaming lattes, the scent of the rain when it hits the earth...}and evokes the fondest memories [the first day of school, many great birthday celebrations amongst family and friends, amazing get-togethers...}but this year this month will be more specially beacuse it's my official move into my new house. I've been in such a whirlwind of work that I hardly have time to sit down and truly enjoy reading through your posts, but I will get back soon, I promise. Tomorrow I will be enjoying two anniversaries within the family and the baking frenzy has been added to the already existing mayhem in my life, but birthdays are surely  meant to be celebrated and I am really in need of a break. Wish you all a great weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{this simple, effortless and sultry seductive look for upcoming cooler days}

{the inspiration for my new sofa}

{baking tomorrow's birthday cakes}

{the Chanel-y feel of this cute handbag - at ZARA's new collection}

{red booties that are way too sexy and flirty - ideal for tomorrow, at ZARA's new collection}

{love these classic pearl accessories with a clear modern twist}


  1. Love the sofa and the cake... and you can still wear coral shades lipstick in Athens until the end of the month (and more) since the temperature is rising again.


  2. bom fim de semana, e diverte-te!!

  3. I can see from the pictures I need to vist Zara soon:)

  4. so pretty ;-)

    i invite to me too