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September 01, 2015

August Beauty Buys

My choices for the past month were an oldie but goodie bronzer that I don't cease to repeat whenever it's finished, a great sample for my body which I got from buying another product from that brand and a fantastic shimmery glow for my slightly tanned skin that has been making wonders and raising lots of compliments. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. For those like me who like a slight tan but do not let sunrays get directly into their skin, this Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess bronzer is a star! You receive so much product in gorgeous, huge packaging  [this is the 2014 packaging with a beautiful bronzey-tortoise shell]. The product is buttery smooth, pigmented and natural. There are no sparkles or anything shiny; it actually is more matte, but not dull at all and it blends easily. Love how soft it feels and how nicely it blends with my skin. I also really like the design of the brush. It creates a lovely, post-vacation glow, although I imagine it would make a wonderful contouring tool as well. I love this bronzer and it´s worth every euro.

2. I have been using Advanced Body Creator aromatic sculpting gel from Shisheido for 1 month now and I have to say that even though I have not seen incredible results in my thighs and bottom area I have to admit that it is now better than before. This sample [but a really generous 50ml one] came with a serum I bought. It is a pink gel with a smell of grapefruit and mint , I have applied this product in the morning and evenings for the past month and it's easy to use, the gel texture helps to spread it all over and it is absorbed quite quickly which turns the massage phase [which everybody says is the most important factor at fighting cellulite] a tad difficult. After applying it gives a cooling feeling that that actually lasts 1 hour or more. I have still cellulite, but in the areas where it was more superficial, like the up-front legs is now not so noticeable. My legs feel now more tighten and firm and after applying they feel really velvety and nice!

3. The flagship product of Carita, the ultra-fine dry oil for body, face and hair Fluide de Beauté 14, Pailleté. can be put it in a foam bath or mixed iwith other face and body skincare products, creams, lotions etc. It nourishes dry skin (and hair, too) and strenghtens skin protection against dryness and dehydration It is absolutely non-greassy and it sinks into the skin immediately. I just wear it on my legs and arms for a beautiful glow and I love the fact that my skin feels supple and satin-smooth.

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