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September 08, 2015

Vintage Exhibition - Portraits of Portugal

I'm a big enthusiast of art exhibitions, be it photography, sculptures, paintings, pottery...I've attended this one at EXPOFACIC [you can check it here] and it was about the way many Portuguese lived in the beginning of 20th century. I still have glimpses of memory of some of these objects that used to be around my grandparent's house, or at the local grocer or even at my parents' house - my mother still owns a Singer sewing machine and many chipped dishes and terrines inherited from her grandmother - my mom is now 81! These objects are still full of live - though they apparently seem to have reached the end of the line in terms of usefulness, the lives of their owners seem to be perpetuated through them, they tell a story, a personal and intransmissible one, but that has the power of setting us in a whimsical mood.


  1. Se há coisa que adoro ver são feiras de antiguidades!! Perco-me nas delicias do passado!

  2. É que tao giro ver estas coisas antigas! Aprecio bastante! Beijinhos

  3. Objects with history. The best things in the world.