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September 15, 2015

Decorating With Wheelbarrows

In the exhibition/ agricultural/ commercial and industrial fair of Expofacic I visited in August I was at awe with the beautifully decorated with flowers wheelbarrows, perfect for garden display. Rusted, cracked and otherwise broken wheelbarrowsare a perfect garden planter; you don’t even have to give it a makeover if you're too busy - the older it is, the more charming it will look. I fell instantly in love with the  look of an old wheelbarrow as the focal point in the garden and as the center of a flower bed and can't wait to put my dad's oldest one to the test!


  1. Adoro, acho que dá um charme indescritivel a qualquer exterior!

  2. Acreditas que tenho um ali na rua e outro dia ocorreu-me esta ideia! Estas fotos vem mesmo a calhar, agora tenho a certeza que a coisa é capaz de resultar! Beijinhos