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July 15, 2014

Rustic Strawberry Braid

This beautiful rustic and appetizing strawberry braid may be the best thing to bring your host when you are invited at a party. I always think it is a nice gesture to bring your host something homemade as a housewarming gift. It means you gave it a lot of thought, put care and affection into your effort and it is a very polite gesture. As for this treat, trust me when I say it is mouthwatering, divinely scented and well appreciated not only for the cute braided effect but specially for the most amazing flavour.

  •  a roll of puff pastry
  •  fresh strawberries
  •  homemade strawberry jam
  •  granulated sugar
  •  an egg to glaze + 1 tablespoon milk

Open up the sheet of the puff pastry and vertically divide it into three equal parts, marking the dough lightly with the tip of a knife. Then, the side cuts are made symmetrical on both sides. The strip in the middle is brushed with jam and filled with strawberries cut in halves. Next, start plaiting up the sides and then the  close the
ends, pressing the dough with your fingers, brushing with eggwash. Finally, sprinkle with granulated sugar and put in the oven in a mold lined with parchment paper, until golden.

  • um rolo de massa folhada
  • morangos frescos
  • doce de morangos caseiro
  • açúcar granulado
  • um ovo para pincelar+ 3 colheres de leite
Abre-se a folha da massa folhada e, na vertical, divide-se em três partes iguais, marcando a massa  levemente com a ponta de uma faca. Depois, nas laterais fazem-se cortes simétricos de ambos os lados. A tira do meio é pincelada com doce e cheia com os morangos cortados às metades. Seguidamente, começam a entrançar-se as laterais e depois de fechadas as pontas, pressionando a massa com os dedos, pincela-se com ovo e leite. Finalmente, polvilha-se com açúcar granulado e vai ao forno numa forma forrada com papel vegetal, até alourar.


  1. My daughter would have loved this. She loves strawberries, but she is allergic to wheat:-)

  2. Hi Aida! Oh my, you already now which is my reaction!:) I remember a similar recipe from you and also this braid looks very appetizing and scrumptious! Hugs! xo

  3. Vou fazer, super simples de se fazer e bonita :) beijinhos

  4. Ui isto tem ar de ser para comer e não parar!!!!