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July 28, 2014

Hot Bikinis

With summer finally here at full gas are you ready for bikini season? No matter how fit you are getting the right fit for our own body type is key to make you feel well. It is very important to be aware of your body shape to determine which bikini will suit you best:
  • Hourglass shape: If your bust and hips are about the same width, but your waist is significantly smaller, you're a classic hourglass.
  • Pear shape: If your hips are considerably wider than both your waist and bust, you're probably a pear.
  • Apple shape: If your waist is significantly wider than your hips and nearly as wide as your bust, you might be an apple.
  • Straight shape: If you're thin all around, with no significant difference between your hips, waist and bust, you're a straight shape.
With this in mind I think the task of choosing a great bikini to enhance your curves will be much easier and I hope you get inspired by these selection and have a great day of shopping!


  1. For sure you inspired me a lot! Id love to get a new bikini during the sales, usually bands are my choice and the one in white with the ruffles is definitely my fav, to die for!:) Great feature dear Aida! Happy Monday and have a wonderful summery week! xo

  2. nice pics! ;]


    i invite to me too


  3. I haven't worn a bikini since 1981. And with very good reason. You must be gorgeous, but I think I knew that...

  4. Que lindas imagenes de bikinis amiga querida , adore el blanco de vuelitos