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July 08, 2014

June Beauty Buys

Due to the amount of make up and treatment products I have tried throughout my life I may easily be considered a beauty product junkie!  I have been using these specific products for some months [these are the second ones I'm buying] and they are now part of my daily routine  - they make my skin/ complexion seem super clean, hydrated, youthful and fresh. The blush is a first and I am completely  hooked!

1. I had been using  wipes to remove my make-up nightly for the past few years, but when everyone started talking about Bioderma's Eau Micellaire I decide to trust the cult reviews. So glad I did! It is a water based, gentler formula but it has an  amazing cleansing power, it lasts me for three months on a daily wear, it has a faint but pleasant scent and my face feels refreshed afterwards. It is definitely a must have product and I am absolutely surrendered to it. Just a reminder - for eye make up removal I use a specific product.

2. This very affordable and effective toner by Diadermine was a great find!It makes my skin feel and look very fresh,  soft and hydrated. It is definitely an essential product for my skin. I wear it twice a day and the fact that it contains provitamin B5 which acts as a skin moisturizer, helping to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by stimulating your skin's healing processes.

3. The Italian brand Astra is new to me and I discovered it by chance recently with my dear friend Sofia while window shopping at the mall. This cotton candy/ coral blush with hints of gold captured my attention right away and I knew I had to come back to pick it up when I found myself still thinking about it at night and a week after. The formula of this product is extremely innovative.The addition of vegetable oil of almond allows indirect hydration of the skin and greater elasticity thanks to its emollient properties.Other great aspects is that it is super affordable, has an amazing lasting power, spreads beautifully and the healthy colour on your cheeks is just to live for! 


  1. This blush is gorgeous! I really love the little sparkles! 😀

  2. You use such great products Aida! Im inspired by the toner and Im glad you got an Astra blush too, the shade is marvelous! xo

  3. Just the inspiration I need. And here's one for you: Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel. BEST toner ever! Cheap. You can get it at a pharmacy. I'm going out to buy new makeup.

  4. Adorei a cor do blush, parece ser bem suave.