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July 14, 2014


When I was in my teens I used to love fringes with ethnic, boehemian vibe. I owned  two pairs of suede boots in brown and black, a black leather biker jacket and a couple of leather bags and accessories- all with fringes. Then for many years I didn´t like them so much anymore and I put the trend completely aside. Not surprisingly, considering fashion continuous rotating cicle, the fringe style is now back again, but the boho chic trend has now acquired a much modern, chic and elegant feel, they appear to have come back with a  versatile power of standing as a statement in any style and look. I'm still in doubt about whether I'll ever be able to wear them again, though the wild untamed spirited teenager inside of me still feels the urge and passion towards it. What's your opinion about this fringe revival?


  1. nice pics! ;]


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  2. Hi Aida! Those booties had to be gorgeous! You know, I totally love this revival but just on accessories, bags in particular. Your images are flawless and inspire me a lot as usual. Have a wonderful week my dear, hugs! xo

  3. Oh, my, it's the '70s! Fringes are fun.

  4. Não é bem a minha onda, mas tenho ali duas malas com franjas que fazem este peixe morrer pela boca loooool.