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July 15, 2014

Lake Houses

Lately when I think about getting away from it all, getting some real rest and relaxation a lake house seems to me like the ultimate getaway. I imagine a property with a deepwater dock, a beautiful lake setting where I could enjoy a nice glass of wine, the peaceful reading of a great book, a quiet afternoon nap, get inspiration drawn from nature, feast on barbecues on a daily basis or playing board games at the sunset...Life's simplest pleasures at their best. Luckily I don't have to pay to daydream just yet!



  1. What a great idea to look at lake houses! I always wanted to have such a summer vacation house.

    Xoxo, Cent4urThoughts

  2. Love lake houses, well except for the mosquitoes but it really looks serene.

  3. Take me there, it sounds like the perfect getaway indeed! I daydream too now and at least is free!:P Many kisses Aida! xo

  4. I knew someone with a lake house. It was old and beautiful and perfect, and then they sold it and built a boring structure up the hill AWAY from the lake (too noisy, they said). Crazy, no?

    I like the house on stilts, over the boat.

  5. Epá, caramba, eu merecia uma casinhota destas, juro ;)