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July 18, 2014

In The Mood For

{observing nature and be astounded by its true beauty}

Lately when the weekend approaches no matter how many sunny and hot days it has been during the week, the weather tends to cool, get cloud and chill.I'm really starting to crave for lazy, carefree beach days but most of all I miss the sea, the sound of its raging breaking waves, the unmistakable breath of sea air and the peacefulness it conveys and that I'm in such a urge for. Wish you enjoy your weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{falling completely in love with this hippie chic ultra feminine sexy look}

{arranging nice, glamorous corners around the house}

{rotating on these colours for the past few weeks' mani/ pedis}

{lusting after this gorgeous nude pink lipstick}

{enjoying spontaneous window shopping walks with my dear friend Sofia  that always end up here}

{inspired by nature or not, I am having a major crush on these sandals - at Zara}


  1. Hi Aida! I know what you mean, it happens also here! Fingers crossed this weeend will be sunny and hot for you and you could enjoy the beach! That hippie look is fantastic, it inspires me a lot! Im using that shades too on mani and pedis, especially coral. Oh llaollao! Im a huge fan of that chain, wish I was there to taste some deilcious frozen yogurth with u!:) Many hugs! xo

  2. Ohhhh! :) And I just love our llao llao moments! Big kiss, babe

  3. Eu sou tão mas tão viciada no mar que era incapaz de viver longe dele, juro. Tentei uma vez, e vivia mesmo mesmo em frente ao rio, mas não era a mesma coisa e parecia que me faltava o ar, que estava enclausurada...

  4. Olá Aida fiquei tão contente quando vi uma Aida com um blogue somos tão raras.

    Felicidades. Beijinhos
    Aida Isabel Escudero

  5. Lovely picks. Having lived in Spain for the last 13 years (the home of Zara) you can always rely on them to come up with great pieces. Also being a big MAC fan I love that shade of lipstick. Would you be kind enough to tell me the name?

  6. If summer didn't have bugs, it would be perfect...

  7. I also like llaollao ice cream, very nice pictures. xoxo