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January 27, 2014

Skirts and Turtleneck

For years I didn't even want to hear the word turtleck - I used to completely avoid these type of sweaters because of their constriction and claustrophobia-inducing feel that I really just couldn't cope with, not to mention the "granny" look most would portray - something that for a teenager or a young woman was the antithesis of cool and modern. Nevertheless, as I grew older and became a chilly person, my sensitivity to cold demanded for something cozier around the neck and a scarf, sometimes, would just not suffice. So, contrarily to what I had sworn down, in recent yeras I've been pulling off the always simple-yet-stylish turtleneck and skirt look. I love its polished look, the ultra chic vibe, the fact that it is a classic combination that works for day or night, that it keeps me toasty warm, the fact that it provides a sleek and streamlined effect and ultimately the fact that it can be pretty chic if  paired with the right accessories and style. Will you rock your turtle & skirt this winter?


  1. Hola Aída que lindos look yo adoro usar beatle cuello alto

  2. super photos ;-))

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  3. Juliette Greco gave us an example of a smart and easy way of being casual.
    I agree with you completly in all your consideretions about turtlenecks, tosse in the post are fantastic!
    Nice smiling week, my dear :)*

  4. Não me lembro de alguma vez na minha vida não ter usado camisolas de gola alta. Como sempre achei que tinha era de ser diferente, quando toda a miúda da minha idade usava a camisolona preta e neon com camisas aos quadrados por baixo - ai anos 80, que mauzinhos que vocês foram!! - eu andava de gola alta e twin sets. Era apontada a dedo no liceu, com as minhas botas anos 60, as minhas minis de camurça e os meus twinsets de gola alta, mas sinceramente, era tão mas tão convencida e cheia de mim que ne ligava...ainda hoje em dia me pergunto onde é que eu na altura fui buscar aquela auto estima e confiança todas muahahahahh. Mas continuo a adorar as minhas golas altas e não as dispenso mal começa o frio.

  5. Hi Aida! Oh you know, I was as you, when I was a teeny especially, I refused to wear turtlenecks cause they bothered me, having something on the necks was not so cosy for me. Then, I totally changed my mind and now they are my everyday garment. Love to style them with skirts too, is the best way to appear refined and more chic. As all the images, truly stunning! Have a great week ahead dear, kisses! xo

  6. Beautiful pics.:)

  7. I felt the same way about turtlenecks too, but recently, I have worn one a few times. I always think they look great on everyone else, but they are just odd to wear. They feel weird, but maybe it's because I haven't worn one in so long?

    I always look forward to your pics;)

  8. I love this look! Wearing turtlenecks and sweaters happen to be my #1 go to outfit for work that is stylish, polished, and effortless to pull off.

  9. Thank you for sanctioning this look. We're FREEZING here in Chicago!