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January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

Now that 2013 is left behind and the perspective of a new whole year to reinvent myself is on the horizon I made the decision of not making too many plans, nor set too many unrealistic goals, mainly because many of last years' ones just didn't succeed, leading me often to frustration, anxiety and dispirit. This 2014 I will strive for spending time with those who make me feel good, moving in to my new house, creating new traditions, growing beyond my faults and becoming a better person. And I just hope that a lot of good comes along from these ambitious resolutions!
Wish you all a beautiful and charming New Year!


  1. Bem, és como eu, então eheheh. E as tuas resoluções são as mesmas que as minhas, que imponho a mim mesma não no inicio de cada ano mas contínuamente ao longo deles, pensando sempre que poderia ser uma melhor pessoa, sempre uma melhor pessoa, se me esforçasse mais. E esse de passar mais tempo com quem me faz sentir bem - e por consequência, cada vez menos tempo com quem me faz sentir mal - comecei a pô-lo em práctica no ano passado, e garantidamente, posso estar bem mais sózinha, mas tenho muito menos momentos de self loathing, isso é certinho ;)

  2. Dear Aida, I wish you a very beautiful new year in which you you could realize all your ambitions and resolutions, a 2014 filled with peace, happiness and love with all the people you love. Happy New Year my friend! Hugs! xo

  3. Bom Ano Novo!
    Que seja bem próspero e carregado de saúde e felicidade :)

  4. I don't make many plans or unrealistic goals anymore. Something more attainable, like finish dishes before bed every night, sounds much more viable.

    Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to seeing more from here in 2014.

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  5. I hope - when you were evaluating your successes of 2013 - you took into account all of the happiness you have brought to those of us who read your beautiful blog. You have inspired me, and your inspiration and friendship has gotten me through some very hard times.

    Keep dreaming big, my dear friend. You are achieving much more than you know. Happy New Year, and thank you for always being there for me!