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January 06, 2014

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the perfect colour if you aim to showcase an understated style that, nevertheless is chic, effortless, sophisticated and timeless. In a not so subtle way it has become the new black and therefore a classic, that works for every girl on every occasion. Besides it doesn't have to be boring or predictable at all - mix it with light pink or camel and the combo will look rather modern and surprisingly enticing. Is navy blue your colour?


  1. super pics;D

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  2. Morning Aida! I hear you! Is the new black and I need to get soon something in this hue cause I really love it!:) Also for me it works so well with camel or light pink, the images are gorgeous and inspiring!:) Happy Monday dear, hugs! xo

  3. Love this color too, it makes my skin looks fairer!


  4. this is my favourite clothes color!

  5. Nope, nada a minha cor, de todo. Não gosto de azul marinho - eu chamo-lhe azul marinha - e fica-me pavorosamente mal. Já hoje em dia gostar de alguns tons de azul pode sizer-se ser um milagre, mas este tom acho que nunca vou conseguir engolir...

  6. I love navy (that last skirt is a killer!) and have been considering replacing all the black in my wardrobe. More sophisticated. Less funereal.