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January 31, 2014

In The Mood For

{dreamin of  a beautiful sunshining morning light coming through my bedroom window}

January always seems endless to me - the constant grey skies, the low temperatures, people busy trying to keep track of time with both their lives and new year's resolutions, having to get out of bed when it's still chilling and so dark outside, coming home from work in the end of the afternoon and not having enough natural light to photograph  - but it's finally come to an end, which somehow is reconforting considering we are now a step further to get into spring faster. And I realize that, sometimes, just a happy, comforting thought  is enough to get us through tougher days! I'm in the mood for...

{loving the poetic/ romantic vibe of a vintage typing machine}

{coveting this gorgeous statement bracelet}

{major cruch on this whole look - lace dress and motorbike jacket - perfection}

{adding these babies to my collection}

{betting on bold red lips for the weekend's night out}

{searching for another of these pretty necklaces to make a trio}


  1. Aquela imagem da moça com o vestido com rendas e o blusão, quase que poderia ser em nos finais de 90, andava sempre assim lol.

  2. Hi Aida! Is unbelievable how much Jan is flown,it makes me craving more for the springtime, Im sure it wont delay to arrive. Loving the lace dress+biker jacket, is such a cool style contrast! Those nail polishes are very refined, you should get them! Addicted to red lips at the moment, using only that color! Your necklace are sooo cute!:) Enjoy the weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  3. It's over, honey! We made it! Tomorrow begins February, which only has 28 days, and spring begins in March. Get psyched!

  4. I wish I had nice finger nails so I could adorn them with pretty polishes. Truth is the normal nail polish lasts about ten minutes on my fingers before they start peeling off and even the Shellac's will give out after a few days. Love the gorgeous polishes you have and heart the outfit with the biker jacket and the lace. Hope your weekend was wonderful

  5. Olá Aida

    I love those things.
    Ótima segunda para vc…

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha