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January 14, 2014

Mapped Wall

For those in love with geography, travelling or globality this is the most amazing way of decorating a wall with character, originality and criativity. Whether it's the map of your hometown, of the country you wish to visit one day, a continent or the whole world, the important thing is to do it artistically and to decorate the room you choose accordingly. These images have really piqued my attention and I'm strongly considering the theme of the first picture for the big wall of my black kitchen / dinning room...Just have to convince the geographer in the house!;)


  1. OMG, I am a total map GEEK! I worked for Rand McNally for YEARS, and I sold many of those wallpaper maps. I also coached my son's map-reading team for the Science Olympiad and we won 4th place in the whole state of Illinois! I also used laminated maps as tablecloths/placemats, and my kids grew up knowing everything there was to know (geographically) about the world.

    You warm my heart!

  2. Adoro!!! Já tenho um quadro no corredor mas se pudesse fazer parede inteira... era maravilhoso!

  3. Gosto muito desta ideia, e cheguei a ter no quarto que partilhava com a minha irmã nos tempos de solteiras as paredes cobertas com mapas militares de artilharia do meu avô. Acho que ainda gosto mais da ideia de ter isto no quarto do meu puto, quando ele for mais crescidito, hmmmmm já me deste inspiração!!

  4. WOW! I fell in love with first one ! I want this on my wall! :)


  5. Hola Aida! I think is a really cool and original way to decorate the wall. Is my dream too, not only for the creative result but also cause Id love to travel the world and in this way I always have it in front of my eyes. Id love to have something as these images, wonderful! Have a lovely day my friend, big hugs! xo

  6. great idea! thanks for sharing these lovely picks :)

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