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January 28, 2014

Low Seats

Though not very practical, I admit, at least for older people or for those suffering from back pain, low seats are nevertheless casual, cute and a fun way to give a creative and modern look to a room - not to mention the cozy loungy vibe. Besides that low, small-scale seats also help expand the sense of space in a small place, making it feel visually lightweight and emphasizing the ceiling height. What do you think of it?


  1. Olá Aida

    Acho lindos e adorava quando era jovem, mas hoje já prefiro os mais altos.
    Ótima 3º para vc...

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  2. big no no para mim, nunca apreciei, e o que me custa a sentar e levantar de um, jazuuuuuz!!!

  3. so nice pics@!!

    new post


  4. Hi Aida! I suffer of back pain sometimes but have to admit that the low seats always fascinate me, I like the fresh, creative and cosy mood they give to the room! Awesome inspiration dear! Have a good day, hugs! xo

  5. Once I loved low seats, now I find thrm a bit unconfortable! :-))
    Very nice those blog :-)
    Nice day my dear!

  6. I actually like low seats. They are very cute, and, since I'm 4, 9", they are easy for me to sit in and still have my feet touch the floor!!

  7. nunca lhes tinha dado muita atenção, mas gostei muito de ver nas imagens :) bj

  8. As I learned in my young adulthood, throw a few pillows on the floor and you're done!

  9. I love your collection of photo's here. So colourful and great. I am also a big fan of the low seats/cushions but always have to have a wall behind me so I can support my back somehow! Hope you are having a wonderful January! Thanks for all your kind words and for all the inspiration you have given me in 2013! X