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January 10, 2014

In The Mood For

{being less anxious and allow myself to enjoy weekend mornings in bed -at least until 9:30!}

These last three days have been quite a balm. After some violent storms that have completely and tragically ruined some parts of Portugal, leaving many homeless or with huge losses, the sun has been warmly shining for almost three days, anticipating a most wanted Spring and a feel of good vibes coming along the way. With absolutely no plans whatsoever for the weekend I just want o be able to relax and gain strength to face the winter months that are still left until my beloved Springtime! Wish you all a great time as well! I'm in the mood for...

{burning winter scents around the house for a cozy nice feel}

{reproducing this cute manicure}

{trying this amazing presentation of pears next time I'll have guests}

{going completely for bold eyes and nude lips}

{coveting this beautifully sleek elegant coffee maker}

{this embroidered bag on the sales of Zara}


  1. Ui essa malunfa da Zara é qq coisa de lindona, deixa que te diga!!!

  2. Morning Aida! Im so sorry for the storms..hope the weather is better now and it improves. Is going to be freezing also here and Im already looking forward to the springtime as well!:) Btw, that manicure is amazing, need to try it too!:) Yum for the pears, Im sure you could do them even better! That bag is beautifu, you should get it! Have a wonderful weekend my dear, stay warm and rest! Hugs! xo

  3. Hope the storms are getting better. The same here in the UK. It's been a week of pampering for me too. Those pears look divine.
    Have a lovely weekend and stay snuggly and warm x

  4. Lovely photos!:)

  5. Great post dear,hope the storm is over now
    keep intouch

  6. It is SO important to be good to ourselves when it's dark and cold!