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January 03, 2014

In The Mood For

{travelling abroad at least once in the year}

The starting of a new year always bring along a renewed hope, a sense of a new beginning, the chance of doing it all again, but in a better way. For the first time I welcomed this new year with no great expectations, nor unrealistic goals, but rather with the determination of accomplishing the simplest things that have been somehow unattainable to my character - trying to be motivated all the time, being more organized, having less, taking care of my health, being less anxious, enjoying the present, learning to save, making my own luck. I'm grateful for still having the weekend ahead to enjoy the last days of holidays and if not more, this year, I'm in the mood for...

{always dressing elegantly simple and  unpretentiously chic}

{keeping spaces clean, uncluttered, smartly decorated and beautifully organized}

{completely finishing the decoration of one room of the new house - betting on the living room}

 {buying fresh flowers every week and spending quality time with friends/ beloved ones on a regular basis}


{baking creative but utterly delicious treats at least every fortnight}

{having hair better treated and lighter coloured for a rejuvenated feel}


  1. Ai que tb preciso de dar um tratamento aqui ao meu cabelo, que anda com as pontas muito sequinhas e está a precisar de um retoque na tinha eheheh. Bom restinho de férias, aproveita o fim de semana!!

  2. Hi Aida, you know, Im thinking to face the new year in the same way, I think is the only best one :) Hope the new year is started well, with much joy and fun. I need to organize and clean my spaces too, I'm drooling over that cake, please if you do something similar you have to share soon!:) Love your hair! Have a lovely weekend my dear and enjoy the last holiday days!:*

  3. Cuando empieza un nuevo año , siempre me pongo a limpiar mi casa , voy al doctor , cambió el color de mi pelo y de marido je je

  4. very good! I would add also having always a fresh manicure

  5. I'm with you! Please share some pictures of your new house.