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May 05, 2015

April Beauty Buys

After 40 those days when you just used to be able to wash your face, dab a little bit of moisturizer, put a dollop of foundation  and go are forever out of reach. In my case in particular the eye contour is of the big issues full stop - I hate you crow's feet! After watching Olivia Palermo's video promoting this La Mer's eye gel I was eager to give it a try. As the month of April is one of my favorite I also went for beautiful spring hues [pink and coral] makeup wise. I hope you enjoy it!

 1. From the design house of Chanel, Rose Insolent is the perfect vibrant candy pink spring shade with warm fuchsia tones. If you are a classical type of girl, you really can’t go wrong with the Le Vernis shades from Chanel. This one in particular is very complementary to my skin tone and you'll find the finish is creamy and slightly glossy and the pigment is consistently rich. Insanely gorgeous!

 2. When you're 40 you just cannot kid around anymore with your skincare regime, at least you shouldn't! My most fragile area is the eyes one so  I have to be careful that the cream is not too rich to avoid milia but rich enough to sooth my drying eyes. Together with irregular sleep, age is not kind to the fragile skin around the eyes [where fine lines first occur]. I  have used La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel  every morning and night for the past month and it has become my eye savior. A small dollop of this gel is enough because it sinks into the skin leaving it feeling smooth. Price tag aside it promises to blur the fine lines around the eyes, brighten the eye area and sooth the area on contact - and so far it actually is doing as promised.

 3. I fell in love with nº310, Potent, by Estée Lauder,  as soon as I saw it put on one of  the sales assistant at a perfume shop. I literally stalked her until she told me which lipstick was it and it came home to me the same minute. It has a very chic beautiful packaging, with magnet enclosures which is a standout. I love the consistency and the way it glides on my lips and the pigment is beyond belief.  It’s a light-medium, pink-coral with warm undertones and a luminous sheen, though it has mostly opaque color coverage. It lasts for 6 hours and on lips it's even more stunning!


  1. Adorei o tom do verniz, é mesmo a minha cara chapada loool!!! Chega a esta altura e só ando de rosas nas mãos eheheheh.

  2. Cute necklace, wonderful red mani!


  3. awesome style!! ;-)

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  4. those goodies are just amazing! I really like the color of the nail polish :) and that lipstick must be amazing :)



  5. Wow! Good advice and beautiful colors. I, too, am a recent convert of heavier night creams, and I'm on the hunt for a good one. And please don't think of them as crow's feet, think of them as "eye smiles".