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May 26, 2015

Rattan Crib

With the recent baby booming among my friends I have been watching them decorating their newcome babies' nursery bedoooms with the most adorable furniture and on Pinterest there's always a huge amount of inspirational photos that I suggest to them whenever they reach for my opinon on the décor process. Lately I've been suggesting the use of an adorable rattan crib. These vintage inspired rattan cribs are most appealing, add both a very organic and a romantic atmosphere to the nursery bedroom and their unique look certainly porvide a certain unexpected style, specially when mixed with modern decoration items - you don't want your babie's nursery to look like a museum, right? The wood frames look rustic and simple, but that’s  where the cute vintage style comes from.


  1. O meu puto teve um ainda está guardado na arrecadação, é daquelas cenas das quais não me consigo desfazer, estupidamente!!

  2. I hope that they are not only beatiful but also big around, my boy likes to move around when he sleeps and must have a lot of space for that:)

  3. That's so cute! :)

  4. Oh they all look adorable!