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May 11, 2015

Dressing The Bump

Lately I have seen an amount of women exhibiting their bumps in such a stylish way that I really find myself frequently at awe before some very pregnant ones that look sexier and more polished than well me, that am not! Some of my friends who are also pregnant have prooved that just because their body is changing doesn't mean they need to transform their wardrobe completely and worst in a boring/ unstylish/ baggy/ sloppy kind of way.  Dresses and skirts with pleats and stretchy cotton fabrics allow you to stay in clothes that are very close to your  regular size, and this makes it really easy to continue to convey your own style as your baby grows. Although to wards the end some of my friends have had to embrace maternity clothing fully, they were still able to  bring their personality to the forefront with styling choices. Here's what I've learned from watching them attentively:
  •  dark head-to-toe silhouette lengthens your torso, which offsets roundness and de-emphasizes girth;
  •   jeweled or embroidery detailing near the neckline is very distracting and will maintain your sense of style;
  •  if you've always enjoyed your skinnies, many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super-comfy but still chic skinny jeans and leather leggings that will fit and flaunt your new curves;
  •   slim down your silhouette and emphasize the features that aren't expanding with button-down shirts or blazers  left unbuttoned [when your bump gets big, wear your button-up open over a tee] - they will look ultra feminine and  very appealing;
  • for some, color is an essential part of the modern maternity closet and you'll feel happier when you're wearing clothes that aren't drab - more colorful pieces on the days when you don’t feel too good;
  •  jeans with a bootleg are both flattering and stylish [just make sure they have adjustable waistbands];
  •  try on dresses with empire waists or in wrap-around styles. Both of these are flattering options that don’t leave you looking shapeless. Add them a belt and you're good to go - furthermore, you might even be able to keep wearing these dresses after the baby is born.
  •   if you are feeling slightly off balance towards the end of your pregnancy, stick with flats instead of heels. An open design will keep your feet cool now that the summer is so close and it will allow for some normal pregnancy swelling;
  •  Horizontal stripes , one of my favourite styles,  really make you feel proud of the growing belly, and the stripes will  show it off in a nice way,
  • tight dresses from your prepregancy time  will work to accommodate your bump and will make you feel sexy, speically if you can add a comfortable heel to them.
Hope these humble opinions were useful and the chosen images will inspire you to dress your bump fashionably!


  1. Que saudade que me deu da minha pança gigantone!!!! Aos cinco meses parecia que estava em final de gestação, lol, para mim foi complicado não conseguia usar as minhas roupas normais, todo o meu corpo mudou muito - era muito magrelas, sem peito nenhum, e de repente eis-me com as ancas a aumentarem, uma barriga enooooorme que o puto era gigantesco, e um par de mamas de fazer inveja aquelas senhoras que vão operar para terem copas FF...

  2. Lovely moms to be!


  3. I love the way pregnant women dress these day. We used to wear humongous tents, which were awful. Did we think we were hiding something?