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May 06, 2015

Tuna Fish Fuilleté

This is  a super easy, great budget-friendly meal for all the family that anyone can make  - it uses ready made puff pastry and tinned tuna - but I assure you it is rich in flavour and you can still make it look very appetizing and it does taste deliciously. As it whet your appetite already?

  •  2 sheets puff pastry
  •  tomato concentrate
  •  onion
  •   garlic
  •  chili
  •   red/ orange/ red peppers
  •   mushrooms
  •   corn
  •   3 cans of tuna
  •   extra virgin olive oil
  •   1 glass of white wine
  • egg and milk for the egg wash

In a pan put olive oil and sauté the onion, garlic and chilis. Then add the corn, mushrooms, the peppers mix cut into small pieces and let it cook. Add the already drained
tuna , the tomato concentrate and stir. Then add a glass of white wine and salt qs and let it thicken. Line the bottom of a tray with a puff pastry sheet, prick the bottom with a fork, pour the stew which yo have to let cool first and cover with another pastry sheet.Cut the top in chess and brush with a mixture of egg and milk. Take to a preheated oven at 200 ° about 25m or until golden.

  • 2 folhas massa folhada
  • concentrado de tomate
  • cebola
  • alho
  • malaguetas
  • pimentos
  • cogumelos
  • milho
  • 3 latas de atum 
  • azeite virgem extra
  • 1 copo de vinho branco
Num tacho colocar azeite e refogar a cebola, o alho e as malaguetas. Depois juntar o milho, os cogumelos, os pimentos cortados aos pedacinhos e deixar apurar um pouco. Adicionar o atum já escorrido, o concentrado de tomate e mexer. Juntar então um copo de vinho branco e sal q.b. e deixar refogar bem. Forrar o fundo de um tabuleiro com uma folha de massa folhada, picar o fundo com um garfo, deitar o refogado já arrefecido e cobrir com outra folha de massa folhada. Golpear ao xadrez e pincelar com uma mistura de ovo e leite. Levar ao forno pré aquecido a 200º cerca de 25m ou até dourar.


  1. Mas que linda está a tua tarte, mesmo fantástica!

  2. Yes, it does without any doubt, my tummy is rumbling only looking at the pics, plus is lunch time now!XD Well done Aida, it is mouthwatering and perfect for this season! xo

  3. Adoro atum , é daquelas coisas que podemos usar em muitas receitas.
    Gostei desta ficou linda e tem um recheio delicioso

  4. é que já me estou a babar, tem mesmo muito bom aspecto!!!

  5. You know that anything with tuna immediately gets my attention. My dear husband will love this.

  6. I like how it looks with the nice top!