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May 19, 2015

Plant Hangers

I love plants, don't get me wrong, I'm just not the right person to have them around because except for flowers, everything green dies at my hands sooner than later. Despite my complete inability to keep a plant alive the display of plant hangers inside the house  infuse fun and quirkiness – even elegance – into modern boho interiors and can  be  an intriguing addition to your interior space. What do you feel about this plant hangers trend? Is it the perfect accessory to bring some nature inside your home?


  1. Bom, eu também mato tudo, tudoooo, até cactos matei... esta tendencia recorda-me a minha infância nos anos 70, em que isto era moda, a minha mãe tinha a sala e as varandas fechadas cheias destas coisas. Não vou nem comentar no facto de depois se acumularem bichos - insectos - por lá, os quais escolhiam sempre cair-me na cara ou na cabeça, logo a mim que sou pessoa para ter um problema psicológico graaaaave de pavor de insectos!!!! Odeio!!! Argh!

  2. My cats are enough nature in my house, though I do have a few pots of plants on my porch. P.S. I could crochet those hangers.