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May 08, 2015

In The Mood For

{ the original beauty blender  - they say it's a makeup holy grail; I'm goint to order it online}

This time of year, I usually find myself craving a change-up in my makeup routine and in deep need of boosting my complexion  - not to mention my wardrobe! Unfortunately many brands cannot be found unless online and sometimes the shipping fees just do not make up for the expenses. Beauty Bay ships freely to Portugal and other countries and the service so far has proven to be super efficient [this is not a paid promotion, I asure you, just my true sincere opinion]. The plans for the weekend are pretty mild - going to the movies to watch the Avengers [pizza dinner date included, naturally], a family gathering at some relatives' to try out their new wood-fire [amazing food will come out of there] and a major wardrobe spring clean up [EVERYTHING that isn't being used, doesn't fit anymore or has stains will definitely go!]. Have a nice weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{beautifully curated white bookcases}

{the sophistication and simplicity of dainty necklaces and feminine ivory  blouses}

{learning to decorate biscuits that'll look this pretty}

{dreaming about the sensuous looks this gorgeous palette can create}

{the gorgeous children shoes at ZARA HOME}

{fresh and lovely scented flowers in the kitchen}


  1. Morning Aida! I have the same desire and still have to clean up my wardrobe too, such a mess!XD I always want to try the beauty blender, say is really good! Love the cookies, you definitely have to learn how to decorate them! And last but not least, Im in love with the palette, need to find it too!:) Hugs dear, happy weekend! xo

  2. Big cleaning up of my waredrobe is also on my list:) Have a nice weekend!

  3. aDOROOOO A PALETTE DA MAYBELINE!!! Bom fim de semana!

  4. I would love to try the Maybelline palette. It looks interesting.

  5. awesome!! ;-)

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  6. We're having a moment, darling. I just bought a feminine ivory blouse which I am in love with. And I've never seen an Avenger movie, but I very much want to! Moving on to eyeshadow, I've always used Maybelline - they have the best colors!

    And I've always wanted to know how to use the verb "curate" in a sentence. Thank you!