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March 03, 2015

February Beauty Buys

Winter is often pretty hard on my hands. By early February they had turned red, chapped, and rough either due to the humidity and cold in the air or to indoor heating and constant unprotected   dive into several kinds of house cleaning products without wearing gloves. This past month I've discovered a skin saviour product for harsh winters, a beautiful nailpolish that looks sophisticated and sexy and a little extra to make my eyes look very doll-like. I hope you enjoy it!

1.This is a really great, I mean the best,  hand cream I've ever tried on. The packaging quality is super great, the cream is opaque white,  thick but lightweight and I always carry this with me in my purse. This massages and absorbs easily and  pretty quickly without leaving me feeling greasy and has done a lot for my winter dry hands. I put it at night, sleep with it on and in the morning my hands feels supple, soft and fully restored.

2. Essie's Chocolate Cakes is a brownish slightly red vampy. This mani is 3 coats and it does require a careful hand while applying, as it has a bit of a tendency to streak; nevertheless I think that perhaps two coats would have been enough.  I love this colour even more under the sun. The finish is very rich and shiney. Great for a short nail, fall/winter manicure, or a sexy pedicure.

3. I couldn't believe the volume and length a quick swipe of the wand gave my lashes. Do it twice or three times and the eyes really popped. The petite wand/brush on this mascara does a great job of defining and emphasizing the lashes. This mascara keeps my lashes super dark, lifted and curled all day and looks beautiful.


  1. amazing stuff ,, xoxox



  2. I need a new mascara. Is that Estee?

  3. Lovely flowers!

    Have a great month :)


  4. Adooooooorooooo a cor do verniz, é mesmo o meu género de cor!!