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March 23, 2015

Casual Tee & Pencil Skirt

I love springtime and evreything abot it, though sometimes it gets a bit difficult to get dressed due to the uncertainty of temperatures that at the beginning of the season can vary a lot during the day. The combination of a casual, vintage or modern oversized Tee tucked into a pencil skirt results in a lovely, cute, effortless and polished work outfit and portrays a very sultry sexy look if dressed up for a party. This low-effort, high-impact look paired with great heels and nice accessories feels very feminine and provide an extra oomph of luxe, without overdoing it, flattering your body figure [enlongating your legs if they're short and creating a trimmer looking waist]. It's trendy, sleek and simple but will keep you looking sharp!


  1. This is a gorgeous trend. Nice post xx


  2. This look you are gathering of casual tee shirt and pencil skirt is very inspiring! love them all...

  3. Lembra-me imenso os anos noventa, quando comecei a trabalhar e usava e abusava deste tipo de look porque era a única coisa que tinha com um ar mais profissional para usar ehehehh.

  4. Morning Aida! I've recently bought a pencil skirt and Im looking forward to style it in this way once the temperatures will allow it. Is such a cool and effertless chic combo and your inspiration is flawless as ever. Many kisses and have a great week! xo

  5. I love these pencil skirts. Such a good inspiration, now I know what to wear for the weekend X

  6. Love these inspirations!!! And I love pencil skirts:)

  7. You gave me Ideas!
    I Love me some pencil skirts...and t-shirts! Will try it more often!