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March 06, 2015

In The Mood For

{loading on gallions of tea several times a day}

I can hardly believe that we are already into March at full gas with sunny mornings that upload the spirit and that get me eager  to get off the bed as soon as possible. I simply cannot bear wearing dark, moody winter makeup  any more so things are gradually softening and transitioning into pastels and a bit more vivid hues. Early spring blooms are beginning to show and I've been having a great time going outside for walks and breathing pure, fresh air while relaxing and unwinding . Wish you a great weeknd. I'm in the mood for...

{rocking my fur coats with jeans and booties for a French boho chic vibe}

{fancying the details in this corner}

{small gold rock studs that feel very polished}

 {picking the first jar flowers from the backyard}

 {a great kitchen knives set acquired with supermarket shopping points}

{this week's make up basics}


  1. I feel the same Aida, if only the weather stops to be still so cold, Im so looking forward to springtime! That outfit is to die for, I see you perfect with it! I like those studs too and your makeup essentials are way too great, I have the same blush!:) Many hugs and enjoy the weekend my friend xo

  2. I already felt sprong but again it's so cold and dark here that I would stay all the weekend home (but I already know it will not be possible:)

  3. so pretty ;*


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  4. Yes! The snow has started melting and I can actually see parts of my porch. Let's hope we don't get any more, though it can snow all the way to June in Chicago. You are inspiring me. I always feel at a loss, fashion-wise, at the beginning of every season. What to wear? I never know.

  5. Hola amiga querida !!!espero que tenga un bendecido comienzo de semana