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March 09, 2015

Styled At Home


Are you working from home or considering it in a near future? Bear in mind that you don't have to be slogging around all day in your PJs or yoga pants just because your social life is a bit more secluded. A comfy but still chic outfit will do wonders for the boost your energy and creativity levels and consequently productiveness. Having a shower forst thing in the morning, adding feminine details, accessorizing, putting a minimal make up on, getting your manicure and pedicure on point, trying new hairdos, choosing a casual but polished outfit for the day will actually improve how you feel about yourself  making you look pulled together and professional in a flash. Of course you may think you don't actually have coworkers to compliment your look, nor you have to make that bigger effort to look at your best for the workplace but if you care about how you look you won't feel that isolated from the world and will put you in a work mindset. Also it's utmost important not to confine yourself to staying at home all day long, every single day. You should get out and about a few times during the day/ week, even if it is just to grab a cup of coffee in a nearby café, or meet a friend for lunch or even go to the grocery store [ the benefit of working from home also means that you can usually take time during the day to get personal errands done]or even if someone unexpected shows up at your door and if you are in your sweatpants all day it will lead to  some pretty awkward moments. So, are you ready to make the mental and physical effort to dress the part, even if no one sees you?


  1. Bem, isto para mim não dá, tem o efeito contrário. Sim, tomo uma banhoca logo de manhã, visto-me super chic e jeitosona, maquilho-me, e levo o puto á escola. Mas mal regresso, sweatpants, please, passar cerca de duas a três horas todas as manhãs sentada a escrever, editar, ler, e etc. pede para mim o máximo do conforto. Aliás, sou apologista daquela cena do writer's outfit, tenho mesmo o meu e consiste de calças largueironas e confortáveis, e camisolas idênticas, caso contrário não consigo trabalhar. Mas mal chega a hora de ir buscar o puto, lá vou eu pôr-me toda chiquê de novo loool. E á tarde é o mesmo filme, parece que passo mais tempo a mudar de roupa que outra coisa qualquer, mas só consigo trabalhar assim. Quanto ás unhas pintadas, tenho vndo a descobrir nos últimos meses, que escrever depressa, cheia de inspiração, muitas horas seguidas dá cabo das unhas e de qualqeur verniz. Damn.

  2. Morning Aida! You are so true and this is the kind of style I do like most too! The looks you picked are beautiful and for sure so inspiring for who works from home. Many hugs dear, have a great week! xo

  3. Que mujeres más estilosas!!!! A mi me gustaría estar así de chic Haciendo el aseo en la casa

  4. Love these pictures and here are some of my favorite bloggers!


  5. I dress up - to some extent - every day, whether I'm going somewhere or not. It used to be like that, are you old enough to remember "house dresses"? But sometime in the '60s, the practice was discontinued and has never come back. All the suburban women in "yoga" clothes and everyone else in mom jeans. Ugh! My grandmother didn't even sit in her kitchen without lipstick!