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September 02, 2014

August Beauty Buys

Summer days filled with heat require minimal make up but extra skin care and these products have been very helpful for the past month and certainly for the months to come. Let's take a better insight into their performance!

 1. Anny's nailpolish in a creamy, opaque white is a beautiful departure from all the extreme, bright, neon hues normally chosen during summertime. It is a sophisticated colour, that makes you feel polished, fresh and will make your nails look amazing. It is ideal if you give it two coats.

2. This cleansing gel was actually borrowed from my mom [who had received it as a birthday gift], because I had run out of mine and decided to try it on. It actually begins as a gel which then melts into an oil on the skin and finally changes into a cleansing lotion. It's soothing due to botanical extracts and aimed at dry skin [mine is combination skin] and I liked it in general.

3. This is the cutest and best performing tweezer I've ever bought and it's certainly a keeper. The little "diamond" stone is actually a button light that makes the little light at the tip of the tweezer turn on highly favouring the removal of each individual hair, by directly illuminating it. I love the pointed tip of this tweezer for all types of precision work - plucking hairs or even applying fake eyelashes. It can get even the tiniest of hairs and it isn't painful to pull them out. When I do it at home [I professionally do my eyebrows just once a month] I pluck my eyebrows after a shower because that way your face has been wet and warm, which makes the hair come out easier. Overall this a really great product. A bit on the pricier side, but brows are a very important part of a look, so don't mess around with them!


  1. A tweezer with a light?! How genial! And the packaging is utterly chic!:) I know Rituals stuff are very good and just love the nail polish! xo

  2. Okay, I'm enthralled with the tweezers.