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September 22, 2014

Black Tee & Jeans

This winning combo is actually great for seasons transitions - Summer to Fall - and one of my wardrobe staples favourites. Mix and matching a basic black tee with jeans [distressed, skinny, flare, navy...] and pairing it with great accessories can help you spruce up your wardrobe and conveys a certain Parisian girl cool, relaxed but concomitantly polished vibe many of us long for. It is important, though, that the style and fit of the T-shirt is taken into consideration [you don't want to look sloppy and frumpy] and that you choose one with a suitable neckline for your body type [a V-neck is more flattering to bustier women and a crew-neck it’s better on smaller-chested ones, for example]. Remind that odd fitting jeans could be throwing you off, so the right choice is also very important [light jeans are more casual and dark jeans are more dressy]. I love thiscombo to make a cool, sleek effortless look. What about you?


  1. Gosto, é um mix simples, fácil, naquelas manhãs em que tenho já pouco tempo e está toda a gente atrasada cá em casa, é tipo o look que pego logo, por ser fácil e ao mesmo tempo chic.

  2. Thats so true! Its one of my fav staple garments and combo too! And your inspiration is flawless Aida, make me want to wear it right now!:) Happy Monday dear, hugs! xo

  3. Hola Aída , yo uso mucho esa combinación , negro con jeans y también blanco con yeans !! Son mis infaltables

  4. amazing selection..with only a jeans and a tee they are perfect and cool

  5. Amazing street style inspiration.
    Classic and versatile. :)

  6. The little black tee should never be ignored. I love it under a white blazer jacket.

  7. it's not an easy look when you want to look stylish in this combo and not like a teenager

  8. This has been my uniform my whole life. Trust me, I do not look like a teenager when I wear it.

    I am now more inclined to wear skirts, but the black t-shirts have stayed...