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September 09, 2014

Kitchen Drawers Organization

One of my top priorities when moving into the new house is staying organized and by no means I want my drawers ever again to look like a cluttered and chaotic repository of duplicate tools and useless gadgets, each drawer overflowed with items grouped with no reason - I believe it's ok to have a clutter drawer, just not five of them!That's why having organizer trays and containers in every single drawer  [I prefer them in wood for a more organic but also polished look] is crucial in order to make its contents visible, accessible and super neat. It'll be so  much easier to organize your supplies and keep your drawers from becoming a scary dark place when you pull them out!


  1. Antes de remodelar a cozinha não havia gaveta que não fosse o caos, mas agora, ui ui, tudo arrumadinho e lindinho, com organizadores e nunca mais me perdi dentro de uma gaveta em busca de um ralador que até estava mesmo era pendurado em frente ao meu nariz loool!!!

  2. With your recipes and your great cooking skills, you just need a very oganized kitchen spaces Aida, I imagine how yours looks!:) The ideas you shared are so nice and cool, love the modern and contemporary designs most. xo