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September 23, 2014

Low Beds

When I visit friends' houses that have low beds in the bedroom area I always find it both cute and opposingly distressing because I couldn't picture myself sleeping on a daily basis in the scenario of a mattress bed that seats on the floor. I prefer those who have a platform, eventhough they are still low on the ground - I really like their contemporary style, the minimalist design and beautifully crafted straight modern lines. And now that I have become obstinated in having anew bed for the new house this idea of having type of bed kinds of haunts me frequently. What is your opinion about it?


  1. Sou precisamente ao contrário, detesto camas baixas, adoro camas altas, tipo bem altas mesmo eheheheh, quase que a precisar de um banquinho para subir lá para cima - lembra-me sempre os Tudor!!!

  2. I love low beds too..nice selection :)

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  3. Always wanted to have a low bed... maybe I'll get one at my next make over ;)


  4. Oh well you know, I really love this kind of bed. They look very cosy and comfy, plus the modern and contemporary feelings they give to the room is so fascinating. The only question is if it would be easy to set everyday or it too much low, just for back ache! :P Hugs Aida! xo

  5. They're great for your back. I didn't have a real bed until I was too pregnant to haul myself up off the floor. I vote yes!