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September 26, 2014

In The Mood For

{the renewing, comforting and peaceful feeling that Fall brings into my life}

Fall is officially here and I couldn´t feel happier about the returning of my favourite season! It's the time for cozy blankets, lit up firpeplaces, dim lights, hot cups of tea and latte early in the morning and late in the afternoon, homebaked rustic cakes with the fruits of the season on the weekends, bunches of fresh wild flowers picked up in the woods nearby, movie nights in, curling up with fashion magazines with the lastest news, great cooking books that are about to be launched the upcoming month [FNAC has my pre-order by now], sultry make up, warm fabrics, pumpkin pie and all the colours of Autumn...It feels like a new beginning and so I welcome it with arms wide open! Have the nicest weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{this whole sultry, sexy and very polished look - make up perfection}

{classic accessories with cashmere or soft cotton grey sweaters - a most needed uniform}

{sexy burgundy nails - Essie's wicked is already in the basket}

{baking a batch of English cinammon muffins for this weekend's lazy breakfasts}

{picking the last peaches from my parents farm to bake a delicious jam}

{craving these elegant loafers - at Massimo Dutti, my major crush}


  1. nice pics; >>


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  2. Love the way you described fall, makes me dream Aida and it is the same also to me! That make up look is so inspiring, I need to recreate it too! Mmmm cinnamon muffin..you made me watering already! Those loafers are so polished, you should get them, will suit u! Have a relaxing weekend my friend, tons of hugs! xo

  3. Buenas tardes Aida: hace tiempo que sigo su página de blog y me gusta muchísimo. Para mí también el otoño es una estación preciosa, aunque en esta zona del Norte de España, (Portugalete - Bizkaia), tenemos todavía temperaturas muy agradables, un poco de lluvia, pero todavía hay días con sol. Un saludo afectuoso.

    1. Dear Rosa,
      Thank You so much for your positive and encouraging comment! It really made my day! I just hope that I am able to keep your interest with the upcoming posts! I don't seem to find your blog but If You do have one I would love to know about it.
      Than You so much for coming by and have the nicest weekend

  4. I just went on a grey sweater binge.

    Fall does really set dreams in motion, no? Maybe it's because we started a new year of school in the fall every year; maybe it's the upcoming holidays. My favorite season.

  5. That's exactly how I feel right now!
    Also, I love the gif! :)

  6. Hola amiga querida ! Ahora esta llegando el otoño por allá ! Que tenga un lindo fin de semana

  7. Também já me muni de um verniz burgundy, mas da HM, que sou grande fã deles e o preço cabe no meu orçamento loool. Amo o Outono!!!

  8. Great pictures, and the DW watch is soo beautiful :)

    Autumn in Neverland

  9. I am in for that cute cottage house and the burgundy nail colours!