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March 24, 2014

What's In A Name? Part 2 - Birkin Bag

Named after the iconic English singer and actress Jane Birkin it soon became a symbol for finantial status, wealth and class, not to mention the it girl factor undeniably intrinsic to it. Although similar to the Kelly bag, the Birkin is basically a tote bag, that can remain easily open at the top, making it more flexible and it has two handles. It is one of the most coveted bags around the world, with wailting lists that last for months, despite its almost prohibitive price. But then again, it's not just about having a fancy handbag, it's a way of elevating a lifestyle!


  1. Yo adoro esas carteras mi querida amiga!, me ecBo de comprar una muy similar

  2. Adorei vê-las em verde tropa e em preto :) *

  3. Hi Aida! I covet this bag from ages as well! Love the classy shape and how much versatile it is, one of my ever fav! Id like in black, camel and red!:) Lets dream together!:P Happy Monday my dear, hope u had a lovely weekend! Hugs! xo

  4. nice pics!! ;>>>



  5. É gira mas... não sei, não me seduz por aí além, confesso. Acho que é pq tudo o que é socialite e reality tv star tem uma looool!!! SOu muito snob, eu sei, baah pra mim ;)

  6. In general, one does not stroll the streets of Chicago with an expensive bag dangling on one's arm. But I can admire it from afar!