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March 25, 2014

Cinema At Home

One of the simplest but greatest pleasures in life is to enjoy a relaxed evening at home watching movies. Since an early age, cinema has always bedazzled me. From musicals, to westerns, to horror, to indie films there's a great assortment that aI have already consummed with passion and desire. When I was younger I loved going to the movies, but as I grew older the chance of watching films in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere became more than just a pleasure, but a real necessity which, consequently, has made me up the ante in what concerns a good Tv screen and a fantastic sofa.  A private media room would be my ultimate dream and until it may come true, at least I have the power to have it roll inside my head! Get inspired!


  1. awwww it's amazing! i like the cinema room with the pool ;)


  2. Ohhh my dream!!!


  3. ui ui isso é que era mesmoooo!!!

  4. Hi Aida! Love going to the cinema but much more Id love to have a room as one of these. Just wow! The first and the fifth images are my fav, now Im daydreaming of it!:) Have a good day my dearest, kisses! xo

  5. These are gorgeous. They remind me of the "movie palaces" that we use to go to - for 50 cents! - when I was young (>sigh<). And, honey, I have NO doubt that you could make this happen...