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March 07, 2014

In The Mood For

{indulging in a bunch of magazines full of Spring fashion/ make up trends for inspiration}

After what felt like months of heavy rain, damp and gloom, nice weather, sunshine and warmth came like a fresh reinvigorating breeze into my life.It's incredible how weather may have such an impact on people's mood and state of mind. The seasonal deep cleansing and decluttering is about to begin and there's a lot of work ahead for the upcoming weekend, but that will be compensated with two meals out. Let's cheer up! Spring is on its way! I'm in the mood for...

{loving emerald green, tortoise sunglasses and shorter hairdos - considering a seriously cut}

{finally going to the woods nearby to pick fresh wild flowers for the house}

{loving this bold decoration for a future powder room}

{learning to master choux dough for decadent éclairs}

{going back to dark manicure after rediscovering this long lost nailpolish}

{finally waking up to glorious sunshing days}


  1. Massa choux é um PESADELO!!!!! Não faço mais, nem sequer gosto dela baaaah - isto sou eu mal disposta por ela me ter levado a malhor, mas a verdade é que não gosto de nada que seja feito com massa choux...

  2. Hi Aida! I feel the same, I was thinking the same this morning, sun shines, at last, and is so weird and nice how weather could influence our mood. I will follow you this weekend, will read some magazine in search of fashion and make up inspiration for spring. I have your same nail polish! U just remind me of it! And those eclairs looks delicious, hope you could recreate them! Dont cut your hair, love long!:) Wish you a wonderful weekend my friend, many hugs! xo

  3. I'm with you! Yay, spring! It was 40 WHOLE DEGREES in Chicago today!

    I did choux dough once. Turned out well, but what an effort! Tip: keep your butter cold.

  4. You should open up a bakery!
    I am sure it would be the most popular place with a wonderful vibe!