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March 14, 2014

In The Mood For

{getting my spring/ summer clothes out of the closet}

It has been a true, simple and concomitantly inestimable pleasure waking up an hour earlier [due to daylight saving time]to a clear, bright, warming March that has brought along flowers everywhere - nothing inspires me as cherry trees blossoming -, birds singing on the top of my roof and on my windowsills and the possibility of putting aside bulky, heavy and dark winter clothes. The shops are in full mood with the latest spring colourful collections and although I always love far too many pieces but have a normal person's salary I've over the years developed my skills of hunting down fashionable items at bargainous sale prices.  In the end the most important is to have quality pieces which are beautiful and classy, but to keep your finances in balance for whatever life may bring ahead! Wish you a wonderful weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{the clean, fresh, tidy, cozy vibe of this beautiful room}

{rotating nude/ pink palettes with a bit of a sheer}

{learning to master the cutest feminine hairdo - the famous crown braid}

{the perfect look - several gold dainty necklaces and a classic white button-down}

{loving all about these boots - nude leather mixed with lace and removable sparkles}

{bringing spring into my house with small natural details}


  1. amazing pics! Love the head-dress:)

  2. Nice inspiration!
    Please please tell me the brand of that nude/pink palette :-)

  3. Que lindas imágenes amiga mía !,que tengasun óptimo fin de semana

  4. Hi Aida! Totally agree with you, the quality counts and good bargains can always save life (and our finances!). Id love to try that hairdo, being obsessed with it too! The necklaces are too adorable and hope u can get those booties, they are utterly lovely! Have a wonderful weekend my dear, many hugs! xo

  5. Tem-me sabido é a pouco, esta Primavera adiantada, com temperaturas amenas, solinho, brisa fresquinha pela manhã, nem páro em casa, é o que é!! Até a inspiração e as ideias para a escrita regressaram a mim!! Espero é que não seja sol de pouca dura, looool. Bom fim de semana, minha lindona **

  6. I love to wear my old first quality dresses. They give me more self confidence and even if I spent a lot them, I spare money to buy the new ones ;-)
    Fabulouse weekend my dear!

  7. The eyeshadow is amazing. We are still knee-deep in snow, but you give me hope!