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March 21, 2014

In The Mood For

{loving watching the tree branches full blossomed in amazing hues of pink/ white}

Yesterday was the official start of spring - my favourite season ever. It's now time to put away winter clothes and to fill the house with fresh flowers, to let windows wide open, to declutter and to feel reinvigorated. It is also the perfect time to experience with healthier dishes, full of nature's best fruits and vegetables. It is the season to gather family and friends together for indulgent relaxed meals over the weekends and to enjoy outdoor walks. I feel reborn and I mean to act accordingly. Wish you a beautiful first weekend of Spring!I'm in the mood for...

{totally into natural make up in soft pastels}

{buying tasty and beautiful macarons for an afternoon tea at a friend's}

{major crush on these beautiful healthy looking blushes - on the wish list for sure!}

{nothing looks better than a simple but embellished pair of shoes}

{definitely adding this coral to my embarassing collection - "cute as a button"}

{putting roses in my bedroom for a full spring welcoming}


  1. Hi Aida! Spring is my fav season too, Im so thrilled is started! Though is rainy here, lol! Btw, Im already curious to know which delicious meals you are going to prepare t welcome the new season, I know very good for sure! Love those blushes and the nail polish, I have to put it later and I will choose a coral shade for sure. The roses are so beautiful! Happy Spring my friend, have also a wonderful weekend! Baci! xo

  2. I love macarons! I am anxiously following your harbingers of spring. I saw a robin redbreast yesterday - a sure sign! - but the weather won't cooperate here.

  3. Quem me dera que a Primavera se fizesse mostrar este fim de semana como fez no fim de semana passado... acordei com chuva torrencial, baaaaah.

  4. Macarons are my favourite treat, i love them. The natural make-up looks wonderful. Have a delightful spring! X

  5. Wishing a very normal and calm and splendid Spring!
    Ha a fabulous new week my dear!