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January 01, 2012

Welcome home!

I think it happens to us all, more or less like this. After the thrill and excitment of waiting for the twelve strokes of the bell, after hugging, kissing, laughing and crying at the same time, one comes to terms with a minute of being alone, feeling something inexplicably deep, a mix of nostalgia, regret, introspection, a moment in which we evaluate the year gone by, feeling impotent towards what was left behind, what was left undone, what got lost in time. Then, all of a sudden, the turn of a New Year, brings along the strongest will to take a hold of our own life again, we feel hope, revigorated, bold and unstoppable, full of courage and, mostly, of promises, that throughout the year, end up remaining in the bottom of a drawer, once gain.
 This year, 2012, more than making promises and wishes I decided to take action. There is an enormity of plans and projects that I've been proscratinating and that urge to be fulfilled, there's a new path for my life to walk on, a new track to lead my way, new goals to be achieved and decisive and definitive changes to be made. It's like I've been lost for a couple of years and finally found myself again. I invite you to come along with your own hopes and dreams and I dare you to make them come true. I'm for certain going to make an effort to carry through mines. I feel like after a long tortuous walk of lots of ups and downs, I lastly found home.

Thus, my motto for 2012 is :

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