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October 06, 2016

Rustic "Fogaça"

A true marriage between sweet and salty this delicous bread, known as "Fogaça" is a typical treat from Santa Maria da Feira which has a festival that dates back to the XVI century., “Festa das Fogaceiras” is held every year since then, in honour of St. Sebastian. More than 500 years ago (in 1505), the residents of Santa Maria da Feirasuffered immenselly with the plague. In an attempt to save themselves they began to pray to Saint Sebastian and make an offering to him. The food they presented in his honour, a sweet bread, is what became "Fogaça" and since that day, it has become tradition to make the bread and present it as an offering for Saint Sebastian each year. I love right out of the oven with a nice layer of butter on top and sided by a hot steaming cup of tea or a latte during winter days. Though its original shape is nothing like this [you can check it here] the flavour is all there. I hope you'll enjoy it!

For the yeast
200 g Wheat flour T55
120 ml of warm water
50 g fresh baker's yeast

For the dough
600 g Wheat flour T55
150 g sugar
10 g salt
120 g unsalted butter
3 eggs
2 g ground cinnamon (+/- half teaspoon)
lemon zest (+/- half teaspoon)

Dissolve the yeast in warm water and join about 200 g of wheat flour until dough is relatively soft, and let it rise for between 15 minutes to half an hour it depends on room temperature.
Then add the sugar with the cinnamon, salt, eggs, lemon zest, butter and enough flour to obtain a dough a little more consistent than bread dough. Then, take the dough, divide it in half and shape each part in a round shape.Brush them with eggwash and sprinkle dome flour on top.Put the fogaças in  a wood oven until they are baked. 

Para o fermento
  • 200 g Farinha T55
  • 120 ml de água morna
  • 50 g Fermento fresco de padeiro
Para a massa
  • 600 g de farinha T55
  • 150 g de açúcar
  • 10 g de sal
  • 120 g de manteiga sem sal
  • 3 ovos
  • 2 g  de canela em pó (+/- meia colher de café)
  • raspa de limão (+/- meia colher de café)
Dissolve-se o fermento na água tépida e junta-se cerca de 200 g de farinha de trigo até se obter uma massa relativamente mole, que se deixa levedar entre 15 minutos a meia hora conforme a temperatura ambiente. Depois, adiciona-se o açúcar com a canela, o sal, os ovos, a raspa de limão,, a manteiga e a farinha necessária para se obter uma massa um pouco mais consistente do que a do pão.Deixa-se fermentar o tempo necessário para a massa dobrar de volume. A seguir, pega-se na massa,  divide-se e molda-se num formato redondo. Pincela-se com eggwash e polvilha-se com farinha. Introduzem-se as fogaças no forno a lenha  quente e deixam-se cozer.

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