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October 21, 2016

In The Mood For

 {all about great skin, minimal make up and feathered brows}

As soon as October is in it's officially boot weather - ankle boots to be more specific and I'm going on the hunt for the perfect pair this weekend but that'll be all about spending. This is one of my favourite time of year - getting home, having a relaxing bath, climbing into cozy pyjamas and curling up with a book/ magazine  and a nice hot tea sets the mood for a calm and relaxing weekend and is all that I can long for. Plus I wish you all enjoy that extra hour of sleep this weekend! I'm in the mood for...

 {comfy grey sweaters that pair greatly with red manicures}
 {fresh flowers and books that make for beautiful décor accents}
{baking these orange flavoured biscotti with dark choclate for this weekend's series marathon}
{completely in love with the whole setting of this living room}
 {new slippers with a nice sparkle - at ZARA}
{perfect colour combo - and the back is dark green!}