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October 18, 2016

Butler's Pantry

 The first time I've heard this expression was while watching an episode of House Rules Australia a couple of months back. having no idea of what it was my curiosity get stratled and I went to do some researc on it. Originally a small room used for storing the family silver and formal china or a staging area for serving meals the butler's pantry space has nowadays taken the form of smaller room that is used as a a wet bar and auxiliary storage and prep area. As not all of us have an extra room in which we can build a butler's pantry using part of your kitchen for this function seems like a great solution. Get inspired!


  1. Quando a minha casa foi construída inspirei-me neste tipo de despensa, acho o máximo!

  2. Voltei Aida!!!
    Cada Pantry mas Lindo do que o outro !!!
    Nunca tive um espaço especifico, mas ia adorar o mais pequeno possível só para poder organizar as minhas coisinhas !!!