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October 11, 2016

Long Corridors Décor

My house has a long corridor [thankfully not a narrow one, though] that actually works as a hallway  and that has been my most difficult spaces to decorate so far - that's one of the reasons why it's still completely bare by now! As it's the main entrance of the house it has been daunting process to try to decorate it because one has to play with scale and perspective so as to draw attention to the walls, the ceiling or the floor, and also the colour scheme plays major importance in the whole process.So nothing better than making a mood board of some brilliantly decorated long corridors and then make a selection of your favourite items and figure out if they're a viable choice for your designated space in order to transform it into a stunning corridor with a clever design. Hope it'll inspire you too!

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  1. Such a beautiful inspirations!