Everyday life is the special occasion!

October 01, 2016

In The Mood For

 {attending a collective birthday celebration on Sunday}
With the high temperatures that have made this one the hottest summers from the last 85 years in Portugal it's almost hard to believe that Fall has officially arrived! Although I love nice shining bright days I'm already eager for great textures, a monochromatic palette of neutral hues, hearty autumn receipes, feeling the crisp morning wind on my face, amoody atmosphere of bruning candles and lit fireplace at home - I just want to be bundle up already - but while this doesn´t come let's take advantage of the remaining beautiful days and celebrate life with family, good friends and great food! Wish you an amazing one! I'm in the mood for...
 {anxiously awaiting to put warm sweaters on rotation}

{this absolutely efficient and cute idea for displaying my huge hat collection}
{this hype mask of late from a major crush brand}

{this tasty first batch of homemade fig preserves of the year}

{beuatiful shimmer on my skin while sunny days still last}

{the coolest Chloe's boots that still haunt my dreams}