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October 13, 2015

Visions of Fall - Part 4

Leaves are falling, the air is crisp and pumpkins abound in the market. Yes,  fall is here! One of the signs of fall I really love seeing is the great display of gourds that put some kind of splendor to the farm of my parents. Although squashes are grown and harvested to eat, gourds tend to be cultivated mainly for decoration purposes - their traditional fall colors really spruce up a table or a mantle. I mean to grab some of these to make a fall theme décor. The colours of nature also delight the eyes with brilliant colors of golds, purples, oranges and reds and that's why I regularly find myself  taking  regular chilly-day strolls and enjoying breathing  deeply in the open air. 


  1. eu cá não resistia a cozinha-las, confesso ahahahahh!!