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October 10, 2015

In The Mood For

{The bliss of hot lattes and homemade muffins on cold mornings }

I am just glad I have survived another hectic week and I am really looking forward to enjoy a cozy weekend in when weather forecast isn't cheerful at all. For over 25 years I hadn't get close, let alone touch a cat [I was attacked by one in my early adolescence and it scarred me forever - literally also, on my right leg - but about three months ago a stray cat that my sister used to feed managed to give birth in her backyard and that's when I met Tiger [I named him] -  a beautiful white and yellowish fluffy hair ball that immediately got hold of my heart in an innefable way. For almost three months we got closer and my fear/ dread/ panic of cats was overcome by my growing love for this  cute little kitty and I ended up cuddling, nurturing and pampering him. He is gone now for almost a week and I just couldn't imagine how deep I would suffer or how I would long for him to come back. I have lost hope now, but still not faith. Not knowing the end / destiny of an helpless little animal is too painful and cruel. This made me think a lot [being well aware that the scale of comparison is increased infinitely in this case] about grieving, distressed parents who loose their children in the same circumstances - vanishing into thin air. It must be unbearable and insuperable. My thoughts are with them. You will be missed, Tiger. So, so much. Wish you all a peaceful weekend. I'm in the mood for...

A perfectly androgynous polished look with a touch of feminine software hues

{a cute marble manicure to try soon}

{this beautifully curated chic corner for the bedroom}

{bacon and rosemary muffins that will be part of this year's Fall treats}

{roasting hazelnuts for my breakfast granola routine}

{missing Tiger more than words can say}


  1. so amazing style!! ;-)

    i invite to me too


  2. Manda-me lá as avelãs eheheh. N sou de gatos, mas quando uma das gatinhas bebés de uma das minhas primas precisou de ir para minha casa por ter uma infecção ocular que se podia pegar aos outros gatos, fiquei de rastos quando ela regressou ao seu lar já curada... mas sou mais de cães, e ainda hoje em dia é com lágrimas e muita saudade que lembro o último cão que tive, o meu lobinho, um husky enooooorme e lindão, que criei desde cachorrinho de colo... enfim, amei de coração todos os meus cães, mas aquele... bom fim de semana!!

  3. I'm so sorry about Tiger! I have rescued and raised many a cat, and I know what wonderful companions they are. My heart goes out to you.