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October 26, 2015

Beautiful Fall Inspiration

There's nothing like Fall to feel inspired to up the ante of your wardrobe, don't you agree? At least to me it's my most creative period fashionwise in terms of acquiring new pieces, reinventing what I already have or  layer a lot [ no matter whether you have a well-stocked closet or take a more pared-down approach to dressing sometimes you just can't get away from feeling wardrobe blocked throughout the year because a useful dose of inspiration is just what is missing]. In order to give you and myself an helping hand I've rounded up some sophisticated, effortless, cool, clever, sassy inspirational outfits to help us put pieces together to create outfits that are stylish, impactful, warm and chic with an edge. I admit they represent a specific pattern of style, my favourite, but I hope it'll inspire you to adapt it to your own preferences.


  1. All beautiful pictures!! Gorgeous women, too!

  2. Demasiados jeans rasgados para mim eheheheh, mas reparo que desde q o meu colete de pêlo morreu, estou a precisar de um novo, hmmmmm

  3. so nice!! ;-)


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  4. You are SO right! Every first cold/warm day of the season sends me into a complete tailspin, no matter WHAT I have in my closet.

    My Euro-style radar is telling me that there is a preference for sweaters this year, instead of jackets. I approve! Much easier to move in.