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October 05, 2015

All Stars Converse Sneakers

While I was packing shoes I realized that I own a lot of sneakers, four of them Converse All Stars and I found myself wondering what do I love about them at do you love about them? Well I guess my answer is - everything! They are the ideal go-to shoe for everyday wear/ weekend strolls, their effortless and casual look is super in right now, they are absolutely comfortable, they come in a variety of styles/ colours [what reflects their evolution from sporting staple to fashionista must-have], they look great almost with anything, and this is why  these kicks are my current go-to. Do Converse sneakers have a spot in your wardrobe?


  1. O meu marido não usa outra coisa, todo o calçado dele são all stars, de vários estilos, mas sempre á base do preto e de pele para o Inverno. Já eu, adoro, não nego, mas para mim só compro marcas baratas, imitações, recuso-me a dar o dinheirão que pedem por eles quando eu gosto de ter vários pares de sapatos e ténis para ir variando de calçado. Prefiro sim, comprar algo baratucho, e assim em vez de só comprar um par de sapatos por estação poder comprar dois ou três.

  2. wow!! pretty look ; -))

    i invite to me too


  3. Yes! I have wonderful dark green ones. Maybe I'll wear them on my trip...