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February 23, 2015

Stylish Stay-At-Home Moms

If that happens you are a stay-at-home mom [what a privilege for many] that doesn't necessarily mean that your mommy dutty, more rectrict funds and a far from active social calendar have to limit drastically your fashion options or that your style has to go out the door. It is always a matter of working with what you already have and add a few inexpensive pieces [fotunately these days we can find quality clothing and accessories at affordable prices} to keep your wardrobe current, stylish, trendy and interesting. It is possible to be comfortable and look great and taking good care of yourself is determinant for your self-esteem and confidence booster and consequently this will improve the way you take care of your child[ren] - feeling your best will certainly show and will be perceived by them. An occasional conscious splurge on yourself is no crime either and should not be  a reason for feeling guilty, specially if you have been saving for it and have been acting with responsibility. I hope these super inspirational moms will  inspire you to carry off current trends while being true to your [new] life.


  1. a bit unrealistic, when I am thinking about my mothernity leave, well, maybe having someone to take care of the kitchen, cleaning etc:)

  2. Já há uns anos que tomei a opção de me tornar SAHM e de facto não foi por isso que deixei de me cuidar eheheh. Faço questão de todas as manhãs me maquilhar, mesmo que seja para ficar por casa, até porque como vou levar e buscar o puto á escola várias vezes por dia, não me apetece andar sempre de cara lavada nessas andanças, gosto de ter um arzinho apresentável. Apesar de esta opção de vida ser um privilégio - ás vezes nem é, no meu caso apenas nos sai mais em conta ser assim, quando estava empregada perdíamos dinheiro e o rendimento disponivel era mais que negativo - infelizmente a mãe a tempo inteiro como por cá lhe chamam é uma figura nada bem vista pela sociedade, principalmente no que toca a mães de crianças em idade escolar. Imagino se fosse um pai a tempo inteiro, caía o mundo... ehehehh

  3. Morning Aida, what a sweet and tender feature today! I always admire these women, they do a giant job the same and as you said, this doesnt mean they couldnt be stylish and gorgeous too as all these wonderful mom you picked. Hope you have a lovely week ahead, hugs! xo

  4. nice pics ;-)

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  5. These pictures are so beautiful! I have a great respect for moms who can handle rangling their kids and look good while doing it (but I have a great respect for all moms).


  6. Too late for me! But if I were going to do it over again, I would opt for hanging around the house in nothing but a full-slip and a cocktail, like Liz in the first picture.

  7. Did you call me?! LOL
    I am a Stay Home Mom, (temporarily) and I feel better than before. 10 months ago I had twins (first children) and I feel that ever since they were born, I still have time to dress up, to take good care of me and of them, and still blog about me and them. It's great that been a stay home we don't feel down just because we are taking care of our children!
    I Loved your pictures, they will definetly inspire me more!
    Check out my blog: www.claudiaclaki.blogspot.com
    I've posted quit a few looks of myself!
    Claudia ClaKi