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February 27, 2015

In The Mood For

{hot creamy lattes at breakfast first thing in the morning}

As soon as February comes to an end I begin feeling a kind of spring fever of sorts. The weather has assumed the role of a teaser throughout this whole month, whether giving us the brief pleasure of feeling the warm rays of the sun or, the very next minute, turning the skies grey and gloomy and presenting us with consistent and irritating showers of mizzle all of a sudden, for the rest of the day. I'm getting a bit sick of all the multiple layers, thick fabrics and dark colours, but do not dare putting these pieces apart just yet, the cold has been unbearable. As this upcoming weekend no significant change is up I'll suggest you two new fantastic series I'm eager to devour - Better Call Saul and Bosch and I hope you'll enjoy them comfortably, with good treats and even beter company till spring arrives confidently, since it is finally on its way. Have a nice weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{weekly uniform - high pony tails with metallic golden elastics and thick winter coats}

{sexy booties with high with medium high, comfortable heels}

{the eclectic feel of  mixing of grey with gold into décor}

{new weekend routine - indulge in delicious donuts from my favourite bakery}

{loving the cutest fluffy shoes I bought for a friend's to-be-born baby girl}

{miniature samples I'm indulging in}


  1. Morning Aida! This was exactly the same thought I had this morning, Im so looking forward to springtime as Im done with gloomy and dull weather. Btw, I didnt know those series but must be very nice! That creamy latte inspires me a lot! Congrats to your friend, the bunny slippers are way too sweet! Have a wonderful and sunny weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  2. Ai é que já não se pode com este Inverno, faz de mim Shakesperiana. Mas as minhas alergias garantem-te que a Primavera vem a caminho, acredita... O meu pobre nariz é a prova viva looool. A mim apetece-me amuar porque acabou o True Detective e na próxima temporada já não há Marty nem Rust. Mas prontes, já começou a nova temporada dos Vikings e tenho muito Ragnar e filhos com que me deleitar, nhaaaaam!! Bom findi!!

  3. Aida, I`ve a secret for you...I think, I`m the only one person in the world didn`t like Breaking bad, so.... Iwon´t watch Better call Saul. Better I bake one of your cakes.Kisses.

  4. That Bathroom!
    Never thought How beautiful a Combination with Gray and Gold is!!!
    Lovely pics... the fluffy shoes are too cute!!!
    Claudia ClaKi

  5. Once-a-week doughnuts! What a fabulous idea. I am so down with that. And, like you, I'm in the mood for sping. It will be in the 30's here next week which is our version of it.